Pre-made Service Body

Elevate your vehicle’s capability with the MW Aluminum Chassis-Mount Canopy, also known as the Service Body. While it’s an excellent choice for fleet vehicles, offering a consistent, professional look, it’s not limited to them. This canopy is ideal for anyone looking to maximize space and efficiency.

Crafted in Australia and tailored to fit various vehicles, the Service Body starts with a significant estimated 100kg weight saving due to its innovative design that forgoes the traditional tray deck. It boasts a highly adaptable internal layout, with multiple setup options to suit a wide range of professional and personal needs. The innovative flush floor design, complete with built-in uni-strut channels, allows for flexible, efficient utilisation of space. Security is also a top priority, with MW’s exclusive internal lock protector providing peace of mind. Whether for fleet use or individual applications, the MW Aluminum Chassis-Mount Canopy is a versatile, secure, and space-maximizing solution that enhances the functionality and aesthetic of any vehicle.

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