MW-Touring Canopy Power Package 12v Electrical Dual Battery System


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Main Features

Why Canopy 12-Volt System?

If you are a 4WD touring or off-roading enthusiast and you have a ute for such purposes, soon enough you will realise that power solution is a must have. Whether you and your family are away for a day, a weekend or full-time travelling. No need to carry the heavy generator or smelly jerry can along your trip. During off-grid environment, canopy 12-Volt system allows you to harvest solar energy; let vehicle battery charge your service battery; allow LED lighting during nights; charge laptops/phones/tablets; run your portable fridge(s) and other electric appliances; as well as monitor your battery status via smartphone on the go.

We Choose Victron Energy Because:

Victron Energy is a quality leader in independent electric power since 1975. Currently with almost 1000 different products sold in over 60 countries globally, we chose to  build our MW exclusive 12-Volt packages using Victron Energy products and components. Victron Energy has a strong, unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability, and build quality.

MW Touring package Include

  •  Solid Aluminum Housing & Perspex See-Through Design, with Powder Coated Finish
  • Victron MultiPus Compact 2000VA (inverter & AC/DC charger)
  • Victron DC/DC-30A Charger
  • Victron solar controller 20A
  • Solid Aluminum Battery Cover
  • Victron digital system monitor GX-50 unit.
  • 2x LED Aluminum Strip Lights (White & Amber)
  • 2x Hi-Amp USB Sockets & 1x Auxiliary Power Outlet; Dual 240V power points
  • 4x Dedicated Anderson Plugs for: Main Battery, Second Battery; Fridge; Solar Panel
  • Built-In Bluetooth Smartphone Monitoring Feature

Battery Options:

Victron 200Ah lithium battery with battery protector kit: $3,600

Victron 330Ah lithium battery with battery protector kit: $5,600

▷ Other lithium battery options P.O.A

  • MW can carry out installation & wiring at extra cost of $500
  • Installation Includes: Fitted to canopy (exclusive to MW canopies); Wiring of car battery, second battery, LED strip lights, fridge etc.

Note: Fitting must be carried out at MW Springvale factory. More details please contact your local MW store.

Notice: Price for Melbourne & Geelong Metro Area Only and GST Inclusive. Shipping available nationwide, please find shipping cost after adding to Cart.