Product Warranty

      • As a part of our value-added service, the product is warranted to the original purchaser against defects in material and/or manufacturing for the periods shown below from the date of purchase.
      • Product structure/material all have a 2-year warranty on parts and labour.
      • Lock/Gas Strut/Hinge/Bolts all have a 1-year warranty on parts and labour.

Warranty Details:

A. MW Sheet Metal Pty Ltd ( MW ) warrants to the original purchaser of this product that during the period of two years for material and/or structure as well as one year for spare parts (Lock, Gas Strut, Hinge, Bolts) from the date of purchase and components found by MW to be defective will be repaired or replaced by MW without charge for either parts or labour. This warranty is given on the condition that all services on MW products are performed by MW or by a service agent authorized to service MW products.

B. The warranty set forth in paragraph A above does not apply:

1. To any defect or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, non-observance or operating instructions / OHS awareness as set out in the instruction manual, or local regulation on the part of any user, improper installation

2. If the product has been serviced by a person not authorized by MW to do so or with non-approved parts.

3. If any serial product code is removed or defaced.

4. If the product is repossessed under any financial agreement.

C. MW will not take any responsibility for any direct/indirect/affiliated consequence caused by defect of the product and MW will not be responsible for any warranty repair/replacement activities with cost exceeding the product’s purchase price.

Terms and Conditions

  • MW will only process customer’s order once at least 30% deposit is received. To avoid delay of delivery and misunderstanding of the order requirements, customers please ensure on-time payment and clear expression of indications.
  • If the customer wishes to cancel the order after paying deposit, the deposit will be refunded, only when the indication of cancellation was made during business hours in the same order placing day. In any other circumstances, customer will be liable for partial/ full amount deposit or even extra costs depending on the progress of the order.
  • MW provides engineering supports for the customer’s order in order to achieve the highest standard of customer satisfaction. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the designs and dimensions meet his/her requirements. MW will not take any responsibility for any liability caused by the design which is singed-off by the customer. Upon request, MW will provide a design for your product for a fee, ranging from 20% of total amount purchase upwards depends on design.
  • Unless MW agrees with customers to protect certain design patterns due to customer’s specific declarations, MW will remain the rights to use any design patterns that have been done in previous orders.
  • The estimation of delivery turnaround time we provided to the customers will fluctuate depending on the work load and third party service. If the delivery time is a crucial factor for you, please ensure this is written down in our sales contract/order form and let our sales consultant be aware.
  • MW will not dispatch the finished goods to customer who hasn’t paid in full unless a specific contract was made up at the time of ordering or the customer has a wholesale account.
  • Please ensure the contact information you provided are accurate and updated. If you encounter situation where you haven’t heard from us after two weeks, contact our sales team member. It is the customers’ responsibility to pick up the items after receiving pickup notice from MW within 3 months. Any item that hasn’t been picked up during the time being will be retained, sold by MW without notice and refund of deposit to the customer. Customer who retrieved product 3 months from pickup notice will be charged with product retaining fee from $50 per month.
  • For certain type of payments or purchases, MW will require customers’ Identification proof and copies. However customer’s private information such as: contact phone,   Address, full name, Driver License details, Bank account/card details etc., will not be disclosed to any third party without consent.