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A chassis-mount canopy, often called a service body, is a robust enclosure fixed directly to the chassis of a vehicle, widely used for storing equipment and materials securely.
Absolutely! Besides professional applications, our canopies are ideal for recreational activities like touring, offering ample storage and robust construction for any adventure.
Our canopies are customised to suit a broad range of vehicle models. For specific compatibility information, please contact us with your vehicle’s make and model.
The installation involves securely attaching the canopy to your vehicle’s chassis using heavy-duty fixtures. We recommend installation by our qualified technicians for best results.
Yes, we provide various customisation options including shelving, compartments, and colour choices to cater to your specific requirements.
Our canopies are constructed from high-quality marine-grade aluminium, known for its durability, lightweight properties, and resistance to corrosion.
Indeed, all our canopies are designed to be fully weatherproof, keeping your equipment safe from various environmental elements.
Each canopy is equipped with strong locks to secure your valuables. Additional features like central locks and alarm systems are available.
Thanks to the lightweight nature of marine-grade aluminium, our canopies minimise affecting the fuel efficiency. However, the actual impact can vary based on the vehicle model and load.
We offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty covering all material and workmanship defects and 1-year warranty for the accessories like locks and gas struts.
Regular maintenance tips include checking and tightening bolts, lubricating locks, and cleaning with suitable products to prevent corrosion.
The price varies based on size, materials, and custom features. Please get in touch for a detailed quotation tailored to your needs.
While designed for permanent installation, the canopy can be removed by professionals if necessary.
Yes, we offer financing options to qualified customers. Contact our sales team for more details.
For further enquiries, please contact our customer support team at 1800 554 434, or contact your local MW shop at