General FAQs

For customised canopies and trays (Adventure and Premium) the answer is absolutely YES. However, all the designs must be complied with the traffic and design regulations. If your plan is far different from our standard products, we highly recommend you visit your local MW shop, and our design expert will help you with the project.

We provide installation for MW products at our factories in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Due to safety and equipment concerns onsite installation is not available.

MW works closely with all the local vehicle dealers. You can order the vehicle and MW setup all together and the dealer will arrange the vehicle sent to the local MW factory for installation. You will pick up the vehicle with everything completed. Shipping cost is charged by the dealership.

MW products are in a constant state of evolution. Over time we will refine the design for a tray and canopy, usually to increase the strength of the build, or to offer a better solution than existed previously. On occasion the photos in our marketing material may vary slightly from what you will receive. Please contact our sales team if you are unsure about a specific design feature.

Absolutely. If you wish to retain your existing tub or tray after upgrading to a MW setup we are happy to accommodate.

A flat bed single cab ute or flatbed trailer is best for collecting the tub with some standard sized pallets underneath. Box Trailers are NOT suitable for transporting a tub without causing damage during the loading process. We will not load box trailers. 

Due to space restrictions, we are unable to store many items. Any existing tubs or trays left uncollected over 7 days will be disposed.

If we are fitting a tray with the existing tray/style side removal included, we will remove it as quick as possible and take no responsibility for any damages to the old tray.  Disposal and or transport home is your responsibility should you wish to keep it.

Yes, they go from the outside to outside of the box. If you have any door opening requirement or storage of a specific size item, please contact and advise that to our sales team.  

It is normal for the hydraulic press to leave fold line marks on the sheet metal. Whilst have invested heavily in special tooling to prevent marking and provide a superior product- from time-to-time small tooling marks may be visible. It is not feasible to polish out these marks as it is both costly and loses the attractive mill finish of the raw sheet metal. Once you start polishing aluminium you need to do the whole panel and it rarely looks as good as the factory mill finish. We still build our products by hand and there will be marks from fabrication, handling and weld penetration.  This is impossible to avoid due to the nature of being a hand-made product.  A powder-coated finish is offered to the main panels for those wanting a smooth and easy to maintain the look.

Yes. The tray MUST be emptied before the vehicle is sent for installation. The installation team may reject the installation job due to safety reason if the tray is fully loaded. We recommend you leave valuable belongings at home and MW takes no responsibilities for any loss or damage to the belongings left on the vehicle.

Yes. Under-tray lockers must be removed to install the drawer or an additional charge will apply. You may leave your canopy/toolbox on if they are empty. Due to safety reason the installation may be rejected if the tray top is fully loaded.  

The Ranger and BT-50’s have a connection point for the factory wiring harness next to the passenger side front guard. This is exposed underneath the vehicle from factory, and is visible once the styleside/tub has been removed. Vehicles delivered as Cab Chassis have this wiring exposed from factory with no issue, and we have never experienced any issue with it being exposed. Although we don’t make a panel to cover these as our guards are universal and adjust to suit many makes and models, the exposed wiring themselves are waterproof.

Service body/Tray FAQs

The service body is a type of canopy which has a tray deck build inside the floor. The service body does not require a separate tray and can be mounted onto the vehicle chassis directly.

The canopy must have a tray to sit on and all the parts (e.g. mud-guards, under tray boxes) are installed onto the tray.

No. the spare tyre mounting configuration stays the same on all dual cab except for the Landcruiser and Amarok with Ad-blue tank. We move the spare tyre mount onto the headboard or back of the canopy for the Landcruiser. Under tray tyre mounting options are not available for the 79 series dual and single cabs.

MW can relocate most reverse cameras and sensors found on common utes, however as they are relocated into a non-factory position, they might not operate as designed. Rear radar units and blind spot sensors found on some new vehicle like BT-50 and DMAX might require a dealer to perform a recalibration. Please contact the sales team for more info.

Hi-Flow pumps are not recommended for non-commercial vehicles. Fuel delivery from these pumps is between 80 and 130 litres a minute which exceeds most vehicles tank vent systems which can lead to fuel purging from the filler.

No, we do not offer a timber floor. We offer a fully welded marine grade aluminium floor as our standard. We have found this plate the best in terms of strength and functionality. Timber is high maintenance and becomes weak over time.

Yes, all our trays and service bodies come standard with LED taillights and number plate lights. Premium Maxi LED taillight is available as an option for service body and customised trays.

Yes for powder coating only. 2-pac spray paint is available for drop-sides painting only.

Most modern 4wd’s come with standard incandescent bulbs. LED taillights, Spotlights and Light Bars may affect your vehicle as they are an aftermarket product. Not all vehicles are affected, and MW takes no responsibility for this.

It depends on the weight you are going to carry. If you are fitting a tray only it may not be needed. If you are fitting a tray and canopy with internal setups, we highly recommend it. Tray and canopy combined with typical 4×4 accessories increase the weight of a vehicle. A GVM upgrade is recommended on most makes and models to ensure trouble-free touring, and for your vehicle to remain legal when loaded. Any reputable 4×4 Accessory or Suspension Store can assist.

American Truck Body Conversion FAQs

Conversions undertaken by different companies will be very different in the way they are performed and not all are equal. This may impact on MW’s ability to relocate the driver aid systems like radars, cameras and sensors as well as wire in our LED tail lights. On newer vehicles like F150/F250/350 and RAM 1500/2500/3500, a hyperflash indicator on the dashboard maybe present after the tail lights are wired. A dealer or American Truck specialist technician may be required to turn off this function within the vehicles computer. It is up to the owner to organise and cover this cost. Please chat to your salesperson about your specific vehicle and its requirements.

MW strives to offer a seamless package and integration of the factory cameras, sensors and radar systems. There are however some limitations due to design factors. Cameras mounted up high to the back of the cabin will not be relocated. 360 degree “birdseye” systems will have a modified view as it is not possible to relocate them into the same position as factory. Radar systems have been extensively tested, however it is impossible to account for every scenario on all makes and models.

RAM 1500’s have a roll over anti-leak valve in the top of the fuel tank, designed to prevent spills should the vehicle roll over. Unfortunately due to the difference in flow rate between Australian and American fuel bowsers, this valve can prevent fuel from entering the tank, causing the bowser to “click” and stop filling. 

The DT Model RAM 1500’s present a few challenges for a tray conversion. Unfortunately we do not relocate the blind spot radars on Ram 1500 DT as the units are intergrated into the rear tailights in the tub. A dealer or American Truck specialist technician may be required to remove this unit or supply the new units for the relocation. It is up to the owner to organise and cover this cost. Please chat to your salesperson about your specific vehicle and its requirements.

Toolbox/Canopy FAQs

We customise the canopy to fit your tray. Our pre-made canopies also fit most of the trays in the market. Contact our sales team for more info.

Sure we have the options of drawers, dividers, shelves and slides for MW customised canopies.  Contact our sales team for more info.

Yes. Any metal/aluminium paint can be used.

Yes. All our doors are removable for paint. Painting the doors only is a cheaper option and it still looks great. Vinyl wrapping is also getting popular.

No they will share the remote of your vehicle. The box central locks will be connected to your vehicle wiring and work synchronously with the vehicle doors – when you lock/unlock your vehicle, the canopy is locked/unlocked.