Bushman Aluminum Fridge Cover & Packer

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Cover and Packer are seperate units. 

This Bushman fridge cover & packer is the ideal solution for fixing your Bushman upright fridge into a 4×4 canopy.

Provides the correct ventilation for your fridge – reducing the load on the compressor and saving your battery capacity.

Dimensions (mm):

  • For DC-65X: 530L * 550D * 540 + 60H
  • For DC-85X: 550L * 550D * 635 + 60H
  • For DC-130X: 590L * 550D * 765 + 60H

Made from 3.0mm marine grade aluminum. The fridge box design has been tested and approved by Bushman, ensuring maximum ventilation to the compressor whilst holding your fridge secure.

Delivered to you flat pack with installation instructions and quality hardware.

  • Correct ventilation
  • Strong and lightweight
  • 3.0mm marine grade aluminum
  • Bushman approved design